A Canadian transplant to Los Angeles, Kyle was born in Etobicoke, Ontario in 1984. His development as an actor began in his late teens. After a brief commercial career, that bloomed into movie roles in the DISNEY world, he met Deborah Martin Chace (Producer/CHEETAH GIRLS/SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS) who convinced him to move to Los Angeles and pursue a serious career and hone his craft. While working at the John Kirby studio, his career began to flourish landing the lead role of HENRY FITZROY in Lifetime's BLOOD TIES. Moving forward with other dynamic characters he performed in David Cronenberg's A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, THE COVENANT and THE PACIFIER. After a series of strong guest stars, and leads in independent feature films, Kyle returned to television as the lead in BBCA'S first original scripted series as ROBERT MOREHOUSE, in Levinson/Fontana's COPPER. During his hiatus, Kyle also enjoyed a three season stint on SYFY'S BEING HUMAN as HENRY DURHAM. Among other projects that continued to drive Kyle's career he finally landed what he describes as "the role of a lifetime" as ALEX CAULDER in HISTORY's SIX. A dramatic portrayal of SEAL TEAM SIX and the difficulty of balancing the psychological effects of war and family.